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Unsung Brewing Company beers @ El Toro Gourmet Meats in Lake Forest, CAHigh at the top of the list of our featured craft breweries is UNSUNG Brewing Company with a tasting room in Anaheim, and a production house in Tustin. Brewer and Founder Mike Crea established UNSUNG Brewing in order to create beers of uncanny flavor and depth, and that play well with food.  They are brewers who think about flavors when creating every beer.

Their process begins with a lengthy discussion among the brewing team about which specific attributes they want in their next beer, and then from there, the recipe takes shape.  It’s this deliberate process before ever milling a single grain, that is the framework of their unique and delicious libations.

UNSUNG’s specific brewing style is what they refer to as “an artifact of migration”…blending Midwest heritage with West Coast progression.  For example,  “Metaplex” an India Pale Ale (which we carry in the store) is an ode to those weary workers heading home from the battle, requiring an earthy recharge of rejuvenating hop-juice.

Metaplex pairs well with Caesar Salad, and fish ‘n chips due to its floral flavors and dry palate cleansing body. Their “holy grail” for this beer is extracting pineapple hop aroma, a barrage of floral, papaya, and blueberry and unleashing all that flavor onto your palate…all while keeping it perfectly balanced so it does not compete with your food; but allows it to be tasted and enjoyed.

Two more of UNSUNG’s craft beers we carry are Lumino; a classic Mexican style lager perfect for warm days when crisp refreshment is the first thing on your mind.  Pilsner malt and corn provide a balance of smooth cracker and just a touch of sweetness for maximum crushability.  It’s best enjoyed at with your favorite BBQ.

We also have Nebuloid: Thor Mode; a Hazy IPA double dry-hopped with Azacca, Citra, Enigma, and El Dorado. It is very fruity and thirst quenching, with a pleasant clean finish. It is definitely a warm-weather-winner.

And of course, all of these beers will go just fine with any of El Toro Gourmet Meats hormone-free meat, chicken & seafood.







Be sure to stop in and pick up a couple cans of Unsung Brewing Company or any of other other great beers, cider and seltzer from our extensive selection of other local craft breweries.  Chat it up with Bobby, store General Manager, and Craft Beer Curator. He will help you pair your beer with a tasty entree.









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