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Beachwood Brewing Company's beers can be found @ El Toro Gourmet Meats in Lake Forest, CA.We are proud to feature Beachwood Brewing.  Currently there are three locations… one on 3rd Street in Long Beach. one on Main Street in Seal Beach and one on Woodwind Drive in Huntington Beach. There are 22 rotating taps and one cask-conditioned beer; all have been hand-selected. Beachwood takes pride in serving rare and unique first-rate beers, and go through approximately ten kegs of beer a week. In addition to a great brewery, they are a great eatery too, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner.  BBQ is their specialty, hence the name Beachwood BBQ &  Brewing.  You can follow this link to their website to see all the delicious food that is served  At El Toro Meats we feature the following Beachwood beers…

  • Little Secret:   The beer pours a nice copper color, hues of gold and orange, clear with a touch of haze and a nice foamy white head, about two fingers high that has great retention and leaves beautiful swatches of lace behind. The aroma is very nice, piney hops, citrus, grassy notes with a sturdy malt bill, caramel and cereal grains. This hits me as a classic west coast style pale ale, simple, hoppy and full of C hops. The flavors offer more of the same, nice west coast flavors, lots of pine, juicy grapefruit, bitter rind, light cereal grains and a touch of tropical fruits. Tame bitterness and really nice hoppy flavors make for a really refreshing pale ale. The mouthfeel is nice, smooth, coating, dry, medium body that has a really nice finish, nice kick. Verdict: Another winner from Triptych and a really nice example of a west coast-esque pale ale. While it’s a super simple beer, the flavors are balanced, clean and well balanced. Definitely worth picking up a 4 pack if you see it.


  • Careful With That Passion Fruit Eugene: Careful with that Passion Fruit, Eugene is the first of Beachwood’s ‘lambic inspired’ fruited series. In this case we took a blend of 9-14 month old barrels, added Passion Fruit for one month, and bottle conditioned with wine yeast for three months. The passion fruit shines through and combines perfectly with the flavors and acidity from the original blend. Fruity, funky, sour.


  • Umeboshi: Lambic/Gose-inspired ale made with plums and Bamboo Jade sea salt. Bright stone fruit and our house funk dominate the aromatics followed by flavors of juicy plum and melon. There is a solid acidity all the way through, rounded out by the sea salt, and a finish reminiscent of sweet tarts.


  • Chaos is a Friend of Mine: Pours a clear good color with a beautiful white head reminiscent of champagne. Great stone fruit tartness, lemongrass and funk that pays homage to the lambic tradition. The flavor follows the nose and is light in body and a medium acidity that is refreshing to the palate.


  • Fortune Favors the Funk – A collaboration with Sierra Nevada: This is really insanely good beer, truly lambic, could be from belgium, about as good as this style has been done in the states in my experience, and as far as i am concerned, it cant get better than this, only different. fairly priced bottles around denver right now too, well worth picking up! i struggle to understand the Sierra n=Nevada contribution to this, maybe access to the unique hops this is dry hopped with, but really, i have never known a sour or wild beer that i have liked too much from them, save the brux, which was also a collaboration if i remember correctly. that aside, this beer is memorable and awesome, clear golden from the bottle at first with over an inch of snow white head, rising and fluffy and lasting, just a little sediment in the bottom inch or so of the bottle. this smells like lambic of the old world, but slightly hoppier, i get the aged hop aspect, but i also get that it is dry hopped with some new hop, citrusy at the end, but fully compatible with the developed acidity, mature funk, and clean wheat profiles. the complexity here is amazing, like an updated lambic, but the point here is that this is still lambic. the mash is exactly right, the yeast is spot on, and the oak character is dialed and refined, i seriously cant believe how authentic this is. nearly gushing carbonation too, lightening the oak and the sharpness of the sour, while at the same time accentuating the bright living hops added later, so expressive and awesome. im so high on this right now!


The Beer Advocate reviews for the Beer, Food, and Atmosphere, average around 4.7 out of 5.  Here is an example:
“Been here several times. Their beer selection is abundant, most of which is brewed on premise and very good. Lots of very well done IPA’s and many other excellent choices and styles. The food here is just as good. Many choices with several possibilities. If you like an aggressive IPA and some good grub, make a stop here. I will be back.”

COME ON IN TO EL TORO MEATS FOR  SOME BEACHWOOD BREWING BEER — And while you’re here, check out all the other fine brews we offer too!




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