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Chicken Noodle Soup – Is It Really The Cure For What Ails You?

Chicken Noodle Soup – Is It Really The Cure For What Ails You?

What could be better for dinner on our crisp, cool Cali evenings than homemade chicken noodle or rice soup?  Chicken soup is not only delicious but provides many health benefits as well. According to Web MD “Studies have shown that a hearty bowl of chicken noodle soup may help clear nasal congestion and ease cold symptoms. It’s very important to stay hydrated when suffering from a cold. A clear broth is warm and soothing, making it a great source of hydration especially for a sore throat.” Even the steam is beneficial. “Steam can open up airways, making it easier to breathe. It also has a mild anti-inflammatory effect that helps to relax muscles and soothe the discomforts of cold symptoms.”

Chicken is high in tryptophan, which helps the body to produce serotonin. Serotonin is a mood-enhancer which keeps the doldrums away. It isn’t called a “comfort food” for nothing.  Chicken also delivers zinc, a key immunity-building nutrient. The noodles or rice provide carbohydrates which help us to feel full and satisfied. Try to use whole grain pasta and brown rice as they provide more fiber and protein than their white counterparts. Carbs are the preferred source of energy for our bodies, so getting a good dose through soup can help the healing process along.

Let’s not forget all the nutritious veggies included in chicken noodle soup.  Adding carrots, celery, and onion will enrich your body with vitamins C and K, and other antioxidants and minerals. Not only do the vegetables help to recover from illness more quickly, but they also contribute to  building a healthy immune system and fight off future viruses. Don’t forget nutrition powerhouses like garlic and ginger to add flavor and nutrients. And leafy greens like spinach or baby kale add plenty of flavor and nutrients. More veggies mean more color, more flavor, and more nutrition.

According to “Eating Well” the broth may help to break up congestion” They sited A 1978 study which revealed subjects were provided with either cold water, hot water or hot chicken soup. The researchers found that the hot chicken soup cleared the airways and eased congestion.

So, it looks like grandma was right. Eat chicken soup to help with the common cold.  Or even if you’re not sick, it’s a delicious, health-filled meal that can be served for lunch or dinner.  At El Toro Gourmet Meats, we feature whole chickens which are great for stewing and chicken broth and pre-cut chicken which can be used for delicious chicken soup, on the grill, and in your favorite chicken recipe.

I’m sure many of you have delicious recipes for your tried and true chicken noodle/rice soup.  But if not, here’s a link to a recipe which is sure to please –  Upload pics of your soup to our Facebook Page and we will be sure to post them.

Saffron Chicken Noodle Soup | Martha Stewart

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