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The modern day American family will sit down to a meal of turkey or ham or beef this Christmas, but goose has long been the traditional Christmas meat of choice for many, and was so, long before Dickens wrote of its succulence in the classic “A Christmas Carol”. The goose is an ideal Christmas feast due to the fact they are ready to be eaten twice a year. Once when they are young in the early summer and again when they are at their fattest and ripest toward the end of the year. Goose also has the softest fat in its category of animal. The fat turns to liquid at 111 degrees Fahrenheit (compared to duck fat, which liquefies at 126 degrees) making it easier to cook and its fat easier to consume. Thus making it only natural for goose to become the favorite entrée choice for the winter holiday season. For the American settlers, turkey took the goose’s place because that’s what was living on their new home soil, and it too followed the same pattern of maturation. But whether it’s goose, turkey, ham or roast you like to serve for the holidays, El Toro Gourmet Meats carries it all. And if you’re looking for a perfect cooked goose recipe, whom better than the infamous Chef Gordon Ramsey? Click here for his recipe. And if you wish to order from El Toro Meats online, click here We at El Toro Meats wish you and your friends and family a peaceful and healthy holiday season.

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Patricia Braun

Patricia Braun is the Marketing Consultant for El Toro Gourmet Meats. She has been in Marketing for over 20-years and considers it a privilege to work in an industry that is not only her area of expertise but her passion as well.

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