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Brewery X Beers Found at El Toro Gourmet Meats in Lake Forest, CATHIS MONTH WE ARE FEATURING BREWERY X – an independent craft beer establishment located on La Palma Blvd. in Anaheim, CA.  The “X” in the name stands for crossing paths: coming to a juncture and ending up where you want to be.

They consider themselves a patchwork of professional brewers and beer lovers who had too often asked themselves…”If I weren’t doing what I’m doing now, what would I be doing?” And for them that meant being where they wanted to be, not where they had to be.

They have put together a team of passionate beer lovers that put their best efforts forward to produce great beer, provide an unparalleled brewery experience, and contribute to the greater wellbeing of the community. They hail from different backgrounds and have come together because of their love of beer.  Together with other organizations they contribute to low-income communities in South Central LA, Watts, and parts of Orange County.

We carry Brewery X’s SOK – Mexican Lager SOK Mexican Lager by Brewery X Found at El Toro Gourmet Meats in Lake Forest, CA







                                   Maui Punch Hard Seltzer by Brewery X Found at El Toro Gourmet Meats in Lake Forest, CA    and Maui Punch – Craft Hard Seltzer.


Come on in and pick up a can or two and check out our extensive line of this and other delicious craft beers.  Chat it up with Bobby, the store General Manager, and Beer Curator.

Bottoms Up!

Patricia Braun

Patricia Braun is the Marketing Consultant for El Toro Gourmet Meats. She has been in Marketing for over 20-years and considers it a privilege to work in an industry that is not only her area of expertise but her passion as well.

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